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Version 22 now with Bluetooth

The MPGuino Colour Touch includes:

- Optional 2.8" colour touch screen

- Arduino Mega2560 (Meduino)

- 3D printed plastic housings, fascias, sun hood and vent clip mount.

Purchase by emailing glengineerservice@gmail.com

I will send a paypal request with a personalised postage amount.

Users may want to install on a motorcycle or boat where a touchscreen is undesirable and the use of the app is preferred.

MPGuino (Bluetooth Only) - $100 $80AUD

MPGuino Colour touch - $120AUD Currently Out of Stock

Unfortunately due to price increases in supply, unit prices have increased. I am working on a solution to become independent from these issues.

Currently my own board without LCD works but I am working towards lowering the cost of all the units.

Postage worldwide. Rates between $12 within Australia and recently $24 to USA

Express postage can be calculated if desired